Photography and image creation has certainly changed since my first camera in 1977. Back then after shooting images I took the 126 film cartridge to the local camera shop and a week later my photos were ready to view. As I moved to an SLR film camera and learned darkroom techniques the time from taking the image to seeing the results shortened.

How times have changed over my 33 years in photography. With today's digital technology you take a photo and you can instantly review it on the screen on your camera, although you get a better idea once back in the office in front of a computer screen, being able to view your image in the field has certainly changed photography. I still treat digital photography like film, getting it right in the camera, it certainly saves you going through 1000's of images when you get back in front of the computer. I don't know how many times I've heard " you can Photoshop that later" .

I am proud to offer the following professional photography services to my customers:

Elevated Photography - Elevated Photography or video from a height of 7.5 meters

Sporting Event Photography - I have played different types of sport over the years and have a good knowledge of most sport

Motorsport Photography - From on track action to pit stop action to promo images of your team and car or bike.

Commerical Photography - For Real Estate, Products, Corporate Marketing, Commerical Advertising.

Aerial Photography - Rural Properties, Buildings, Events, Sporting Events and other Aircraft. I have access to an aircraft and pilot.

Marketing Images - For company brochures, websites and display in your office or showroom.


Below are links to my gallery, feel free to take a look and if there is an image you would like to purchase please contact me.